We have operated in Poltava, Ukraine since 2005 and our agency is permanently managed by Alex Pinto -- a resident foreigner married to a Poltava lady. After all these years in Poltava observing what works and what doesn’t work, we have a unique perspective regarding the human element interplay in cross-cultural relationships. Building upon our experience, our local knowledge and with a view toward avoiding scams and wasted money, we designed an industry first Step-by-Step Trust Building Membership Program in order to facilitate the brokering of honest relationships between sincere and decent foreign men and Ukrainian women. We have realized great success for many men through our effective and realistic Personalized Match Search and look forward to brokering many more happy and strong marriages because we believe that everyone deserves a happy and strong marriage!


How to succeed in the pursuit of a bride?

It’s a delicate and serious commitment!

You will be dealing with a woman… who has a completely different background and mentality. The differing personalities and goals of the man and woman present challenges that demand specific attention to each case. Because each case is unique and special!

We focus on:

  •  How to emphasize and promote your best individual characteristics  
  •  How to optimize self-representation and attitudes to fit local reality, mores and ways of thinking
  •  Guide your steps to effectuate a streamlined positive and effective communication – so as to avoid misunderstandings!
  •  Help you to feel comfortable in a foreign society when interacting with locals – so you are relaxed and at all times “yourself” with the prospective match
  •  How to avoid improper strategies and self-defeating behavior
  •  Reinforce self-confidence so as to help you navigate gracefully in an unknown, strange and possibly adverse environment
  •  Help to better understand the reasoning behind a lady’s perceived “incomprehensive” attitude
  •  Unveil the peculiarities inherent in both sides’ culture so as to ease possible “culture shock” and enhance compatibility

This very serious undertaking requires an honest and personalized approach based upon on-the-ground support, caring and specific guidance tailored to each individual case…from an agency who places its client’s goals ahead of its own financial interests. Our many satisfied clients have found our approach refreshing in an international-dating industry which breeds fantasy, inspires delusional thinking and is fraught with fraud rooted in deceptive marketing practices based on fake profiles, paid chats, jaipur escorts, fake letters and overpriced gifts designed only to financially benefit unscrupulous agencies.

We stand apart and alone in the international dating industry. Our unique approach: step by step personalized support distinguishes us from all others who fail because they lack the devotion to the client’s interests, they’re devoid of an emotional investment in the client’s success (and the local lady’s success), and they’re not on-the-ground 365 days –a- year or able to provide support based on direct local experience. Based on many years of experience, here at FHDating we have a tried-and-tested understanding of what is needed to broker a successful marriage.

If you sincerely wish for marriage or just to meet with a Russian girl without risking spending your time in vain, if you are ready for reality, not simply just to buy a dream, if you are sure to have success, then you surely need good advice and I will be happy to help you.

Alex Pinto

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